What's on my Mac

Mac apps that I use daily (as of May 2019).

Best of 2018

At the beginning of 2016, I set a goal to read 50 books. I read 40 books that year. "50 sounds like a lot", I said to myself, and the following year the goal was to read 30 books. By the end of 2017, it was 20 books. After that, I thought my life had become busier, and I didn't have as much time to spend on books.

Safari vs Chrome

I always find myself switching between Safari and Chrome. I decided to write down the reasons for choosing one over the other. Currently, I use Chrome, and I am planning to switch back to Safari.

Goals for 2016

The year of procrastination: projects, travelling, getting in shape, reading books and watching movies. I will update this post at least once a month throughout the year.

2015: Year in Review

The year of productivity: software development, travelling, photography. 2015 was the busiest year so far. In this post, I list my favourite movies, TV shows, podcasts and articles of the year.

Admin dashboard in Rails with Devise and Bootstrap

The existing solutions like RailsAdmin and ActiveAdmin offer too many features: templates, export, etc. That introduces many unnecessary dependencies. In this article, I will build a simple admin dashboard using Devise and Bootstrap.

Mutual friendship in Rails

If you go to StackOverflow, you'll find hundreds of implementations for friendships. Creating a Twitter subscription model with a clear distinction between following and followers is easy. Mutual friendship, on the other hand, requires more code.

Terminal shortcuts

Here are some handy shortcuts and tricks for the Terminal.app to save your time.

LaTeX cheatsheet

LaTeX is complicated. There are over a thousand packages and millions of ways of doing the same thing. I encountered a lot of problems while writing reports in LaTeX. I wrote this cheat sheet for myself to make my life a bit easier.

Cyrillic fonts in LaTeX

If you want to install TeX on your Mac, you can do it either by downloading a full TeX Live distribution (2.4 Gb) or by getting BasicTeX (95 Mb), which is 24 times smaller. BasicTeX is a subset of TeX Live and supports standard TeX typesetting functions. Cyrillic fonts aren't included, but it's easy to install them.